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What We Offer

We free you from the worries of rent, take care of your tenants and keep your property affairs in order.

We provide long term maintenance and ensure that your property remains as attractive as the first time you saw it.

We provide a completely hands-on yet hassle free property management solution allowing you to pursue the greater passions in your life.


At MANAGE MY FLAT, it’s not just about finding you a place to stay but is tailored to suit your budget, family needs and lifestyle. It’s more than that. It’s our pleasure to find you more than you expected. A place where you can feel safe. A place where the water runs whenever you want it to. A place where the ceiling doesn’t leak and the kitchen doesn’t stink.

A place where you make memories with your friends and loved ones. A place where your laughter echoes and your cry is muffled. A place where you share intimate moments. A place where your heart is. We offer you a home. And we won’t let you get ripped off. So go ahead, scroll through the options, give us a call and let us know exactly what you want. Then sit back and relax. We will find what you are looking for.

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